About Ventray

We live in a fast-paced world where not everyone enjoys cooking. But certainly, everyone enjoys a tasty and nutritious meal. Therefore, we created Ventray.



We build Ventray as a concept around the kitchen. The problem that many faces in today’s kitchen is that people don’t have enough time to cook. After studying recipes from cuisines around the world, we realized that most of the preparation steps are replaceable with modern technologies, and that’s exactly what’s happening in restaurants and the food industry.

Ventray brings the same advanced technology to everyone’s kitchen.



Ventray’s design philosophy resembles a perfect blend of industrial functionality and home-décor aesthetics. Our design team in Toronto collaborates with industrial designers around the world to bring you the most exquisite appliances.



A healthy life is not only about what we eat, but also the air we breathe and the water we drink. From paperless office environment and energy saving logistic solutions to workshops that exceeds all environmental standards, we make every effort towards a greener planet.